Merced Stem Assembly Spring 2019

Merced Stem Assembly Spring 2019

The fizz fizz experiment for kindergartens

They are going over a powerpoint & discussing if the children have ever done this before & they have to keep their goggles on at all times, they go over there materials with them & ask them if they can point the things out. Are you having fun ?

victoria “ yes , i like it so far”

the ingredients: food coloring , baking soda , vinegar and a paper plate.

What they do is they put baking soda on the paper plate & then drop droplets if food coloring on it and the kids drop droplets of vinegar on the food colored

This is a learning experience for the kindergarten to learn how to share & cooperates with others !

it’s struggle but they do they through it by “sharing is caring “ some may get upset but u just need to work with them and learn how work and talk to them to wear they understand, it’s all about a learning experience for the all of us


Kindergartens working hard. (Photo taken by Sarah)

Float a boat for the 1st graders


During this activity , the first graders came and we did announcements and told them what we have to do. Their were some accidents and some crying little children in the beginning bc they didn’t know what to do and in this experiment, they’ll have marshmallows & toothpicks with paper and they have to create a boat and something for it to float on. I asked mariah what was her favorite thing about today “ she said the marshmallows”. Many of the kids wanted to eat them but bc the table was dirty it wouldn’t be appropriate. The kids were finally slowing putting together the boat and making it float with beans and who’s ever falls over loses. The mentors were guiding them step by step to make sure everything was going as planned. It’s a leading game experience for the 1st graders and us because we both are learning things.

It’s important to know how kids work and how it is to know the brain works at different ages.

1st graders working together to finish. (Photo taken Sarah)

Create a car for the 2nd graders


In this time the 3rd graders arrive and are more excited than ever to create a car. They are more calm & understanding. They have straws, bottle caps , a water bottle , balloons & other straws. As the mentors are showing them slides , their answering questions on a worksheet. Some questions were asked , such as How do you like your car? & the little girl aubrey said

“ yes very much , i never done this before”.

Meanwhile everyone around us running around getting extra supplies & making sure that all the is safe & being respectful.After they made their car , they were blowing up their balone so that they can make it drive but there was some difficulties. The problem was fixed and the kids went to the floor and starting playing with their cars.

2nd Grader blowing air to make her car work. (Photo taken by Sarah)

Egg Drop for the 3rd graders


During this time the third graders arrive and they sit down and write their names on their work. The mentors start the slideshow & they ask them questions & make sure they fill out there worksheet. The materials they get for this egg drop is an egg & fake money to go buy more supplies to make sure your egg doesn’t break. They are teaching them about force & ask how they know and such questions. They work in partners to create a name for the egg & draw a face on the egg. Soon after they go outside to test their egg drop. Many kids egg cracked but didn’t spill the yolk & there was 2 kids who’s egg didn’t break. Overall it was a fun experience for them to learn how to manage money & buy things from the store to tell what’s more important to help protect the egg. They were all sharing with each other & bonding.

3rd grader showing off his egg before conducting the egg drop experiment. (Photo by Sarah)

Make ice cream for the 4th graders


Early in the morning, around 8:30 the 4th graders came and everything set up in the gym as they arrived and we’re walking in. The mentors went over some slides with them talking about what is liquid & gas, also they asked kids some questions such as “ what’s their favorite ice cream flavor” and they interact more because they get excited about talking even if there wrong. During that they fill out a worksheet as the slide show goes on. Later on the kids were making ice cream & they were placed in groups at a table with mentors. The mentors where getting everything prepared and put in the bag & after they give the bag to the kids to go shake and create ice cream. Some bags ripped & leaked , some kids didn’t get to make ice cream , it just became liquid but they still had a whole bunch of fun, Mia said

“it’s going really well , it tastes like milk & ice”.

4th Graders tasting their ice cream. (photo taken by Sarah)

Catapults for the 5th graders


Around the time, 10:30 the 5 graders came in & we had all the tables set up with the mentors at them with their project waiting for them & today they will be creating catapults and shooting beans out of it after. In the beginning of the class they were paying attention to a slideshow & doing a worksheet as well. Later on while they used their fake money to buy the supplies they needed from a fake store.They learned how to manage their money & give up something for what they want or need more. elijah said he bought “ sticks & string “

A lot of running around is happening & it’s loud but all of them are having a ton of fun such as.

Lauren “ yes i’m absolutely having fun , it’s cool”.

Later on in groups they went outside & shot the beans out of them and see what group would win. To conclude this , it was a mess but fun and a great learned experience for them.

5th graders taking part in a competition to see whose catapult is the best (photo taken by Sarah)

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