Founded in 2002, the Robotics Alliance of West Covina, or RAWC, is dedicated to empowering students with leadership skills and educating them in Engineering and Technology principles.

We achieve this through many ways such as engaging in the FIRST Robotics Competition, hosting STEM Camp, and participating in public event.

Over the course of time and with dedication, we have competed in Einstein five times, won seven regionals, and placed second in the world in 2006. However, these accomplishments were only possible through support from our local communities

Through the robotics competition, students apply their knowledge to create and build a robot in 6 weeks to meet the requirements of the challenge presented by FIRST. With strict rules, budget constraints, and deadlines; students experience real-world situations that companies face to bring products to market.

This experience helps educate students with the life lessons of working with a diverse team, time-management, and the maturity needed in a successful career. Students that come through the program are two times more likely to go to college and three times more likely to major in engineering fields.