Behind The Scenes With Sales

Behind The Scenes With Sales

The robotics sales team has been busy preparing presentations and different methods to present them to kids of all ages. The presentations must be flashy and intriguing so that the kids can stay involved. The speakers must practice public speaking skills because they will be talking in front of hundreds of kids throughout the year. They hold meetings to practice assemblies.

Sales member Victoria looking over and working on a slide presentation.

The sales team also has to work on the budgets for the assemblies so they can plan out the activities for the kids. The sales team also runs many tests on presentations and activities. For example, testing whether an activity is too messy, too hard, or just right. At this time, the sales team is preparing for the Merced rally, where they teach the students about STEM through science experiments based on grade level and the California learning standards.

Sales Members Valerie and Keanna going over ideas.

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