Chezy Champs

Chezy Champs

Over the past weekend of September 28-30th, our robotics team on participated in the off-season event called Chezy Champs.There, in San Jose, at Bellarmine College Preparatory, 42 teams competed the FRC game- FIRST Power Up. During our three days up in San Jose. After peaking at 8th during qualification matches, our team had gotten eliminated in quarterfinals, after being picked by the fifth seed alliance team 3512 alongside teams 3538 and 2990.

Chezy match between two teams.(Photo taken by Jordan)

The previous day, Saturday, while some of the team was in the pit area, the rest of the team went out to the field  and scouted robots from other teams. Later that night, the team meets back at the hotel and while we have dinner, we have a scouting meeting and talk about the pros and cons about each robot and which robots to pick for an alliance later on. The following day, alliance picking began and then shortly after, quarter finals started. At the end of the quarter final matches we got eliminated. The team goes back to the pit and help the rest of the team pack up and get ready to leave. When we return back to our school, we help unload everything and get ready for our next competition.

Cyberknights’ robot (Photo taken by Jordan)

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