Beach Blitz

Beach Blitz


Beach Blitz is an annual robotics competition that takes place at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California. In 2018, 36 teams attended this offseason competition in order to train rookies, as many teams had new members. It is always good to win, but this is more of a learning experience for the young recruits. Beach Blitz helps the teams determine what can be improved for the upcoming season.

Rookie Driver, Luke, piloting the bot in his first match.

Head Mentor, Richard, explaining the robot in the pits.(Photo taken by Sarah)


On day one, 45 qualification matches took place, in which teams were paired with two other teams to form an alliance. Team 968 had a decent day, placing 19th out of 36 teams. On day two, teams participated in alliance selections and continued into playoffs. Team 968 got into quarter finals, beating many teams. Even though Team 968 didn’t win Beach Blitz, the team continued to cheer on the other teams and stayed for the rest of the day. Overall, the team enjoyed the day, having both watched and participated.

Team 968’s robot, Juniper, right before qualifications.(Photo taken by Sarah)

Team 968 members before their first match.

veteran member teaching a new member how to drive the robot.

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