Rookie Training Day

Rookie Training Day


This past Saturday December 1st was rookie training day. Students and parents signed up to come to West covina high school and participate in science activities with the engineering team. Similar to the Merced and the West Covina Christian School the students will be doing a lab followed by lab questions to incorporate STEM so they know what it is when they’ get to middle school and high school. The students with the help  of their parents made a catapult. There were over 90 people including students and all their parents.

Three kids stand proudly of their catapult.(Photo taken by Sarah)

This is one of the biggest events of year as little kids from around the district come to learn about STEM. The kids made catapults out of popsicle sticks and spoons in hope that it would function properly. Overall the kids and the parents had an amazing time learning and doing the activity.

Two parents working together to build a catapult. (Photo by Sarah)

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