Hollencrest Middle school

Hollencrest Middle school

6th Graders:

First of all they went to the cafeteria to get a recap on what robotics does and what we are about, also what we have to offer. What we all do in school and to help the robotics team on what to do. They all sit down at a table and share ideas and talk with each other on what they think.


Mentor Matthew Trang teaching a student how to sawing a piece of wood. (Photo by Sarah)

7th Graders:  They  would start off by going to a classroom to and they went to do general manufacturing to cut wood and drill holes. A lot of the kids were laughing , some were scared because of getting hurt and others were reckless. Everyone was super polite and overall they had a great environment.

Mentor Maggie showing students how to properly drill (Photo taken by Sarah)

8th Graders: They would start in the computer lab and they would create these little animations things with a student that would show them how to reach it on a computer. They designed new things on a computer, some weren’t they would play games in the computer but generally they would be focused on getting it all done on time and they could work with there peers.


Kids learning how to photo shop with members of our tech team.(Photo taken by Sarah)

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