Intro To Business Robotics

Intro To Business Robotics

The Business Robotics class is a new class that started at West Covina High School one year ago. Since then, the class has taken on new members in this 2018-2019 school year and continues to assist Team 968 RAWC. As a business team, the class aids the robotics team with media, marketing, school assemblies, and public outreach. For instance, the business team assists the robotics team by fundraising for the robotics team, editing videos, managing the website, and arranging assemblies for other schools.

In the last four weeks, the class has been gaining members and teaching them the fundamentals of business  as well as training them to work together with the other departments, such as Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, and Technology. The business team  has also been practicing their public speaking skills with weekly presentations to their peers. The Business Robotics class will continue to grow to become a huge benefit to the engineering team.

Business teams first meeting. (photo taken Matthew)

Business robotics students working hard on plans for the year.

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