Kick off

Kick off

During the weekend of January 5th-6th, our team will have our annual kickoff. Kickoff is when the team finds out the objective of the game for build season and start preparing for the season. On Saturday, the team met at 6:30am, and watched the livestream of the 2019 FRC Game Reveal. After the livestream, they were put into separate groups where they plotted their ideas of what the robot can be.

Team members working hard and late at night for measurements for the robot.(Photo by Jordan Chism)


After showing plans for the robot, the team walked over to our other space and started cleaning and making room to start building the practice field. The next few hours dealt with some people sorting wood, others cutting wood, and others already building. Around 3pm-4pm the team sat down together and ate while also sharing what they completed that day. After finishing up dinner, the team went back to working on the practice field and preparing for the next 2 months of build season.

Robotics members sorting screws. (Photo taken by Jordan Chism)

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