Merced Stem Assembly Fall 2018

Merced Stem Assembly Fall 2018

Day 1 of the Merced rally there were fifth and fourth graders all over the gym each here to get taught different categoreis of science by doing different experiments.  The fourth graders came and and learned about chemical changes by combineing differnt substances to make slime. They were given a brief power point on some physical and chemical changes. On the second half of day 1, the fifth graders were taught about gravitational pull by conducting experiments which consited of dropping a ball and recording the time,flying paper airplanes,and a computer similation.

5th graders doing a gravity lab test.(Photo taken by Sarah)


Day 2 was for the first graders and kindergarteners to have their experiments.  Just like the fourth graders the kindergarteners are going to learn about physical and chemical changes by making playdough and also how to work in groups with other  kids. The first graders will learn how molecules form by making bubbles.The last day of the Merced Rally the second and third graders came to conduct their own experiments. The second graders were being taught how to classify animals the way scientists do using the Latin terms and a Dichotomous key. The third graders conducted an experiment where they tested all five of their senses. When all was done the Merced Rally was a complete success.

3rd graders creating slime in the slime experiment.(Photo taken by Sarah)

third grade class posing for a group picture at the end of the day.( photo taken by Christian) 

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