Outreach to West Covina Christian School

Outreach to West Covina Christian School

November 8th, Team 968 visited West Covina Christian School to give them science opportunities they do not normally receive. The sales team has thought of many experiments that they will conduct with the different grade levels, which consist of kindergarteners to second graders. Before each experiment the students will have to answer the pre lab questions.


Group pic of students with their mentors (Photo taken by Christopher)


The kindergartner’s experiment taught them about teamwork and chemical/physical changes by making playdough, using salt, flour, and water. While first graders were taught how bubbles are formed by creating a bubble snake using half a water bottle, bubble solution, Cheesecloth, and rubberbands. The second graders learned how scientist organize species by creating their own dichotomous keys. There was an activity that the second graders did where there were six different aliens and they had to match the right scientific name with the right alien using what they learned in the slides before.

1st graders enjoying there successful experiment (Photo taken by Christopher)

kids listening in on instructions for their experiment.( photo taken by sarah)

Mentors Natalie and Maggie explaining the experiments to the kids.(photo taken by sarah)

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