Red Ribbon Rally

Red Ribbon Rally

Red Ribbon Rally is a city wide event at West Covina High School that promotes the awareness of drug and alcohol abuse. During this event, schools and companies in the district come to showcase what clubs they have. Team 968 showcased its newest robot, Juniper, promoted our team, and informed the community of what we do. We had three stations: STEM Camp Information, Robot Demonstration, and 3-D Printing.

Robotics member, Sahil, shows young kid how we control the robot.(Photo taken by Sarah)

At the STEM Camp station, we showcased our STEM Camp Program. We set up the field with Lego Mindstorms and let the kids play with them while we gave the parents some information on STEM Camp. At the Robot Demonstration station, we showcased Juniper. We also informed the kids about what we do and how we go about the building process. Additionally, we gave the kids a chance to watch us drive and let them place and catch a cube. Lastly, at the 3-D Printing Station, we printed models for the kids, showed how the printer works, and explained how we use the printer to make some of our parts for our robot. All in all, we were able to show and explain what we do while promoting STEM Camp, as well as our team.

Our team showing off how the robot, Juniper, picks up the cubes.(Photo taken by Sarah)

kids experiencing what our robot can do.(photo taken by sarah)

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