Saint Stephen Christian Academy

Saint Stephen Christian Academy

The kinders were very playful and talkative with each other and observer, they were a little hard to control because they get distracted easily and would not keep there egg in the bag. Our leaders put the instructions on the board and had they fill out a simple worksheet and then they go to a made up store to get all the things they need to protect the egg from breaking. The teachers and parents that volunteered were very helpful and welcome to the school.

 Two students working on their marshmellow structure (Photo taken by Sarah)


The first graders are very playful as well and like to get involved a lot more and be touching it all. They would not keep there egg in the plastic bag like they should. The reason for this bag was that so if the egg broke it was at least in a bag. There was more male than female students.  The second and third graders were blended and they didn’t wanna listen at first until we got the fake money involved so they can buy their supplies for the egg drop. The fifth and sixth graders were mixed too and they were the ones who had foreign exchange students who speak chinese. They did understand english but they wouldn’t listen to well when you would ask them to do something. One of the students who is named makayla said, “ I love this project but they wish they could switch with their friends”. Every student had a blast and followed directions after a few times of telling them overall.

Group picture with students and Team 968 members. (Photo taken by Sarah)

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