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To sponsor Team 968 means that the team can ensure that we can maintain our funds. This will allow us to continue making great robots, as well as allowing us to reach out to our community more often. These donations will also boost our team’s efficiency and ability in making our robots and being able to approach new businesses for partnerships. In addition, our public relation team will be able to get the team into more events for our community. To us, reaching out to the community is a great experience for both us and our people.

If you are interested in making smaller donations, please click on the logos above and consider funding our projects.

However, if you are interested in sponsoring our team, please contact us on the form below; you can get such benefits such as being a part of our official title, free advertising, and a featured logo on our robots now and in the future. Being a sponsor doesn’t mean that you have to donate money, other things like raw materials, tools, or even your time as well. Any donation is very much appreciated. Thank you.