Vine Elementary school

Vine Elementary school

Fizzing colors

  • Kinder : During this time all the little kids were running around like crazy , enjoying each other’s company , there free time , it’s like a field trip for them , there sweet and little. the first thing they did was listen to the leaders and followed instructions. As they say were directed to further instructions , they were filling out a worksheet , and helpers came around and passed out the paint , baking soda , water , paper plates and napkins. They were enjoying their experiment and did it with a partner so it was a team effort.

Marshmallow structure

  • 1st: The first graders aren’t too bad , they are relaxed just like the kinders , they just talk more of anything. With this project they all were listening to their leaders and paying attention being sweet. This one little girl was being very polite and said “Can I please see that again , I wasn’t paying attention”.  Showing yes there not perfect there but some will admit to their wrong doings. As they proceeded with there equipment , they got there marshmallows and as much as they wanted to eat them they couldn’t. It’s a matter of safety hazards.

 1st graders  working on their marshmellow structure(photo taken by sarah)

kinders conducting their color experiment.(photo taken by sarah)

Water bottle cars

2nd: This day was a little more hectic because there was more kids and they were older. Although they were good listeners , we did have a few cry because they did not get there way. Some are really sensitive with their feelings and will get their feelings bruised fast. With the cars one , they did a store.. where the instructors will give them fake money and they go up to buy the supplies they need to buy a fake car. As soon as there done , they go and test out of fast it goes with the bottle cap wheels. It’s a good way for them to bond with each other. 

Ice cream

4th: This class is jumping and hyper. They made ice cream and although it is very messy they got through it. When they sat down at the table they filled out there worksheet as the instructors were telling them what to do. After they followed step by step. No kids really had a fight because we had instructors walking around , making sure that everyone got a shake of the bag. Some failed and just made a milkshake instead of ice cream. Either way they were happy because it was messy and it was hands on. They did get to eat there ice cream after. It was simply just plain vanilla. 


4th grade kids enjoying their ice cream after a successful experiment.(photo taken by Sarah)

Egg drop

3rd: For the 3rd graders , they were very sweet but wild most of them cried because they didn’t get there way. Just like the water bottle car activity it goes for this one . They did a worksheet when they first got there and listened to their leaders.They got in a line and was assigned to there tables where there is a leader at each one to help them with anything they need. The intrusions will give them a speech and ask questions and then they go and buy their supplies they need for them. They get their supplies and go sit back down and with the person sitting down next to them is there partner , they work on a barrier that they put the egg in to make sure it won’t crack when u go outside and drop the egg.






5th: During this class all the kids were running around & being silly. After they were listening to the instructions from the leaders. They would go and make their catapults and get the supplies they need for everything.


The kids were crying and a mess everywhere. Of course they would fight over supplies and get them to create the catapults , some kids were stealing money from there friends.


Two 3rd graders working on a plan to keep their egg safe for the egg drop (photo taken by Sarah)

5th graders building their catapult for the competition.(photo taken by sarah)

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