West Covina Christian School Pt. 2

West Covina Christian School Pt. 2

January 11, Team 968 visited West Covina Christian School once again . Just like the first trip there was different experiments that were meant to be conducted  based by grade level. This time around it happened to be the 3rd through 5th graders. The students conducted the same experiments that were conducted during the Merced Rally. The experiments consisted of testing senses, making slime, and performing gravity tests.



Two girls in the middle of their slime production.(Photo taken by Sarah)


The third graders performed many experiments to test  there senses. Throughout the test they were asked to use either individual or multiple senses to help them fill out a worksheet .They had to touch and listen to certain items and determine what they were. The 3rd graders also looked at many optical illusions so they could try and determine them. A smell test was also part of the experiments including shampoo, hand sanitizer,and ketchup. The fourth graders had a different experiment which consisted of mixing shaving cream, glue, borax, and food coloring to make their very own slime. Last but not least there was the fifth graders. The fifth graders were conducting experiments to test gravity. They did a computer simulation,where they flew a spaceship, and dropped different objects and timed which ones hit the floor first.At the end of the day each student left with more knowledge.

Mentor Maggie instructing students before an experiment.(photo taken by Sarah)

5th graders in the middle of one of their gravity experiments.(Photo taken by Sarah)

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